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The Bin thumbnail
I solo designed and implemented a command-line emulator and the entire website, as well as continuously maintaining the website.
The Bin thumbnail
I helped design and build the public-facing website for a program organized by the
Hack Club organization.
locale logo thumbnail
A citizen reporting app built for the Hackify 2024 hackathon in 48 hours, utilizing Google's Firestore and Mapbox's GLJS API.
recycl ai homepage thumbnail
An image classification website that my friend and I created in 4 days for vsHacks 2023. We won 2nd place!
termchat interface thumbnail
A terminal-style end-to-end encrypted messaging platform powered by SocketIO and my own messaging backend.
AI car thumbnail
Self-Driving RC Car
An old RC Car that follows me using Python's OpenCV wrapper. Powered by a Raspberry Pi 4 SBC and a Logitech C920.
bloxbuilder thumbnail
Built in Unity. A Mega Blocks-themed vehicular building simulation. Supports JSON import and export of builds.
typecome thumbnail
I was a volunteer contributor. I have worked on features on the front-end such as the theme system.
quotes website thumbnail
I made this testing out Flask's integration with a quote API. Every time you reload the page, you get a new inspirational quote.
ctfbot discord bot thumbnail
A Discord bot that provides information about upcoming CTF events. Powered by CTFTime. Run locally, source code is at link.